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Licensed Professional Engineer - TX, LA, OK, AZ (Structural/Mechanical Specialties)
Charles Jenkins
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Charles J. Jenkins and Associates realizes that property ownership is the largest and most important investment that a person makes in their lifetime. Because it is difficult to remove all emotional response from one's involvement in purchasing, owning, and selling a residence or commercial property, our clients typically ask us to perform a property inspection to ensure that the property in question is in good and serviceable condition, or, at least, that they are aware of any obvious structural or other irregularities that might be present. We therefore recommend that you give us the opportunity to discuss your inspection needs with you at your convenience.

Regardless of the type of inspection required, Charles J. Jenkins and Associates is available to discuss how our services can best meet your needs. Mr. Jenkins is a licensed professional engineer with over 30 years experience performing structural and mechanical inspections of residential and commercial structures on behalf of a variety of clients. Our clients consistently include buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, contractors, and attorneys.

If you are in the Houston/Galveston area, as well as in East Texas, the Golden Triangle, or other locations CJJ&A is available to assist you with your property assessment needs. We also serve Louisiana and Oklahoma, as required.



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